London Schools Cricket Association is a registered charity that works extensively within Inner London and since 1925 have been providing cricketing opportunities to those who would otherwise not get these experiences.

LSCA work with state schools across inner London and encourage them to nominate individuals to attend indoor coaching with qualified coaches at Lords, The Oval and Alleyns School. They work with individuals from under 9 through to under 16.

They also provide extensive opportunities during the winter, they offer an extensive curriculum of match play against quality opposition at school, district and County level. These matches provide opportunities to youngsters who would not get the chance to play cricket.

LSCA are completely self-funded and rely on the goodwill of individuals and organizations to provide their time and venues to make their work possible. This is becoming increasingly difficult and they are struggling to afford the costs involved. Some of their costs include venue hire and coaching costs during the winter and in the summer, they have ground hire, umpires, teas and balls to pay for.

A partnership was formed between Elemento and LSCA through a chance discussion a representative of Stapleton Long and the CEO of Elemento Group. LSCA were going to take a tour of boys to Barbados and were desperately searching for a sponsor who would bring the cost significantly down for the boys who were attending the Sir Gary Sobers tournament. Elemento Group offered support by sponsoring the trip with £20,000 and have reduced the cost per person going down by £1,000 and this support was offered to enable them to have fantastic kit all with the Elemento logo.

‘LSCA cannot thank Elemento Group for their support and will forward photos of the event with the boys in their kit after the event’.


Hanwell Road
New development
proposed for the car
sales showroom site

Elemento Group has unveiled amended proposals for redeveloping the Peugeot car sales showroom on Uxbridge Road in Hanwell. This proposal is in line with the Ealing Councils regeneration plans as laid out in the Development Plan Document (DPD dated 10th December 2013), Dove Hanwell Ltd. aims to demolish the showroom and replace it with a mixed use development featuring ground floor retail shops fronting Uxbridge road with upper floor apartments, and townhouses situated on Westminster Road. An added feature that has met with widespread approval is the provision of basement parking so that local traffic is not negatively impacted. Residents of the area are invited to view the amended proposals at the forthcoming public consultation to be held at the site of the former showroom on August 21st, 2016.

Mr. Phil Finlay, spokesman for Dove Hanwell Ltd. stated:
“Elemento Group. Welcomes the opportunity to redevelop an unused site into a fresh and vibrant development with a community spirit. We have taken great pains to consult local views on the matter and hope we have arrived at a solution that will benefit the majority of Hanwell residents. We anticipate this mix of housing and retail will bring a new life and enhance Hanwell’s community cohesion.”

Elemento Group is working in line, and is guided by the London Borough of Ealing Council’s recommendations. A development does have the support of the borough council and the community.
Elemento Group believes it can accommodate both local aspirations and maintain the spirit of the Clock Tower conservation area while bringing new much needed energy to the local high street. The new development has already attracted the attention of some prestigious lifestyle brands willing to invest in the area, this having the potential for new jobs.

Elemento Group expect to submit its amended planning application by the end of July, and is also inviting local residents to contribute their thoughts during the public consultation.

Mr. Finlay added:
“We’ve listened closely to what people had to say and hope the whole community can get behind our new proposal.”